Galia Goodman, Artist and Calligrapher

The creative process is as necessary to me as oxygen. I understand it as my link to the best part of myself. It connects me to both the spiritual and concrete parts of my life, and without it I would cease to function as a whole person. I see the world in terms of color and light, shadows and darkness. The shapes that flow in and out and around me are part and parcel of the work that I create. Nature, architecture,history, literature,music, politics, and the struggle of all the oppressed people in the world inspire me and allow me to express my vision in two and three dimensions.

I love working with my clients to create meaningful pieces that reflect their realities. I do ketubot (Jewish wedding documents) and other wedding and anniversary pieces, awards, momento mori, and very special gifts for special occasions of all sorts. I have also created a line of cards for all occasions and many holidays. Giclee prints are available of some of my works and are so marked.

I have a commitment to making art available and accessible to all. I use “green” materials whenever possible and try to create my work with an eye to the health and well-being of the planet and all who live here. I hope to go on creating for years to come.